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Other Realms


An insistent sound of cicada wings hovers
        above the scents of rose and jasmine,
Shimmering in transparent cadences
        from tree to tree, just beyond the edge
Of comprehension, like voices locked in wires.
        Like veins rich with uncut thought, the electric hum
Penetrates the hot grip of day.  It could be
        a noisy reception of messages from a galaxy
Beyond our ken -- a language cast
        from light years away with armfuls of images
Screaming desparately for rescue from the white noise;
        or it could be the sheer ache of longing in a whorl
Of ripe thought and dreams drawn taut
        over the quick, silver pulse of our own souls.

-Druzelle Cederquist
World Order Magazine,
Volume 20, # 2, Winter 1985-86


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